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Toyota Seqouia №6

Toyota Sequoia №6 off-road vehicle rental in Kyrgyzstan


Our travel agency has been active in tourism for 10 years. DMI specialize in car rental services.


- All rental cars have an annual vehicle inspection


- All rental cars have car insurance




Our free customer service:


Our managers will be happy to help you throughout the trip, e.g. information and tips. Our customers get complete information about all the sights and possibilities available in the country to be accommodated (without reservation)




Our affordable customer service:


- According to customer request, the compilation of the entire itinerary


- Hotel reservation


- Rental of additional motor-vehicle equipment (e.g. child seats, navigators, video recorders, Snowboard and ski rack attachments)


- Additional equipment for tourists (e.g., tents, gas cylinders, burners)


- Portable Cooler






General Rental Conditions


Requirements for tenants:


- Minimum Age-23 Years


- Driving experience-at least 3 years






Required documents for conclusion of lease:


- Passport;


- Valid Guide




The rental conditions of the vehicle with / without driver


1. Rental vehicle contract


2. Deposit for the car (without a driver) is $ 500 and is paid back at the end of the trip


3. Fuel is not included in the rental price


4. Additional costs for travel in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan amounted to US $ 20 on the day


5. Transfer de Leivagens in the city area is free of charge


6. Transfer of the rental car to the airport is 20 US dollars


7. Chauffeur service is from 25 to 50 US dollars per day.


8. The maximum driving distance is 250 km or 155 miles a day


9. Daily Heading for the Limits cost of 0.30 US $ / km




When handing over a loan, the following documents are provided:


Car paper (technical data sheet)


- Rental vehicle contract


- Written confirmation of the deposit




The car is handed over to tenants in good technical condition, clean and fully fueled.




Car Brand: Toyota Sequoia No. 6
Year of manufacture: 2007
Vehicle Type: Off-Road Vehicle
Engine: Petrol 4.7 L
Antrib: all-wheel drive (4x4)
Number of passenger seats: 4
Vehicle Gearbox: Automatic


Fuel consumption: 13-17 L / 100 km


Additional Vehicle System: Vehicle, Vehicle


Conversion price: from 90 USD


The total prize of Cannes. It depends on the number of travel days.


Please make sure that the price of renting a car in Tajikistan increases to 30%.





The car is intended for travel in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan. The chauffeur service is also possible, only in this case the price should be discussed with the Manager.




Waterfall the Anzal of the travel days is shortened for different reasons, the wool price is still maintained.




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