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My favorite Tashkent


My Favorite Tashkent

Even if you were not with us in this city, it's time to catch up. After all, soon we will go on  luxurious summer trip - the tour “My beloved, are you with us? Tashkent”

















Tour cost:

Adults – 9200 som hotel 4*

Children (6-12 years old) – 8200 som

What will we visit?

In 2 excursion days we will have time to cover all the most picturesque and memorable places of ancient Tashkent. We will also enjoy its modern architecture and achievements.

Let's get acquainted with historical sites: the Alley of Memory and Honor, Independence Square, the Romanov House.

Let's touch on the spiritual life of the city in the Khast Imam complex, the Kukeldash madrasah, and the Minor mosque.

Tashkent TV tower, all-season amusement park Magic City (oceanarium, singing fountains, etc.), evening Tashkent City.

And, of course, we will enjoy the nature of the city, its sunny atmosphere, walk along the Chorsu market square, breathe and cool off in the Amir Timur park.

The tour price includes:

Transport services

Accompanying Prof. guide in Tashkent

Overnight in a 4* hotel + breakfast

NOT included:

Entry tickets


Bishkek-Tashkent travel on a new bus through Kazakhstan

Departure at 19:00 (meeting at 18:30, Spartak Stadium, Togolok Moldo 17, crosses Ryskulov, landmark cafe Time Out)

Travel time with border crossings (4) and stops takes 11 hours.

Day 1. Arrival in Tashkent

Crossing the border.

Currency exchange.
Breakfast at Grandma's
Monument “Courage”

Memorial complex in memory of the victims of Stalin's repressions

Tashkent TV tower

Besh Kazan - lunch

Hotel accommodation

Rest 2 hours.


All-season amusement park Magic City (aquarium, singing fountains, etc.)

Tashkent City until 20:00

Overnight at the hotel

Day 2. Tashkent

Khast Imam complex (Kaffal Shashi mausoleum, Barakhan madrasah, Mui Mubarak madrasah, Khast Imam mosque)

"Amir Temur" Square

The famous Broadway alley, where you can see local color, handicrafts, souvenir shops and much more)

House of Romanov

Independence Square"

White Mosque “Minor”

Chorsu Bazaar

Departure to Bishkek at 17:00

Arrival in Bishkek in the morning

Entrance fees:

Complex Khast Imam: 35,000 sum ($4)

Metro fare: 1400 soum

Tashkent TV tower: 40,000 soum (up to 7 years free)

Aquarium Magic City: 0−3 years - free; 3−12 years — 75,000 soums ($7); 12 and older - 100,000 soums ($10)

What you need to take for the tour:

Valid passport

Children 0-16 years old

Foreign passport, birth certificate, if one of the parents is not traveling, permission from him for the child to travel, notarized.

Persons 0-18 years old

Foreign passport, ID passport, permission from parents to travel outside the country, notarized.


Glasses, Sun hat, Underwear, Shirt made from natural fabrics with long sleeves, T-shirt, Thin trousers, Floor-length dress made from natural fabrics, Shorts, Socks, Raincoat, Pajamas, Sandals or flip-flops, Comfortable sneakers. Things for the child (in depending on age) Children's clothing, Shoes, Diapers, Baby food (required), Books, coloring books, markers, Bottles, pacifiers

First aid kit

Mask, Band-Aid, Bandage, Anti-diarrhea medicine, Medicines (as needed)

Painkillers, Allergy medicine, Antiseptics, Cold medicine, Sun cream, Digestive aids (very fatty foods)


Phone, Charger for each gadget, PowerBank, Laptop/tablet, Wristwatch, Rechargeable batteries/batteries, Camera, Headphones

How much money is the minimum amount you need to take with you?

$20 for entrance tickets

$20 for food

$50 for personal expenses (souvenirs, goodies )

More detailed information can be obtained by calling:

Book your seats by numbers:

whatsapp and telegram

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