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Turkestan is one of the oldest cities in Kazakhstan,


Departure dates:

from March 23 to March 24

from 06 to 07 April
from 13 to 14 April

from 20 to 21 April

from 04 to 05 May
from 06 to 07 May

from 18 to 19 May


The cost of the tour:

Adults – 8,900 som

Children (6-12 years old) – 7900 SOM

Less than 20 people will be sprinters

There will be a bus for more than 20 people


What will we visit?

In 2 days of sightseeing, we will have time to cover all the most picturesque and memorable places of ancient Turkestan.

Pilgrimage and educational tour "Sacred and holy places of Turkestan region"

Historical tour "Magical Turkestan. History and Greatness"


The price of the tour includes:

Transportation services

tour leader

Prof. tour guide to Turkestan (2 days)

Overnight in a 4* hotel + breakfast

Accompanying entrance ticket to the sights according to the program

Collection : 01:30

Check-out:02:00 At the address:Togolok Moldo 17/Spartak Stadium, Cafe Time Out


Shymkent Turkestan Program


1. day

Arrival in Turkestan

Lunch “Jeti Tandoor”

Check-in at the 4* Royal Grand Hotel

A tour of the Mausoleum of X. Ahmed.Yasavi

Oriental bathhouse

Hilvet Underground Mosque

Camel riding

The Museum of Uly Dala Ate

Inspection of the Caravanserai complex

Visiting the drama theater

You can stay at the Karavan Saray complex on your own, watch shows and ride gondolas along the canals.


2. day


Departure from the city of Turkestan towards Ukash-Ata

visit to the Ukash-Ata Mausoleum and the well

Departure towards Turkestan

Lunch at Nurzat

Departure to the Ak Mosque

Departure to Bishkek


What you need to take for the tour:

Valid international passport

Children 0-16 years old

Passport, birth certificate, if one of the parents is not traveling, a notarized travel permit for the child from him. Persons 0-18 years old

Passport, ID passport, permission from parents to travel outside the country, notarized.



Glasses, Sun hat, Long-sleeved shirt made of natural fabrics, T-shirt, Thin trousers, Floor-length dress made of natural fabrics, Shorts, Socks, Raincoat, Pajamas, Sandals,Comfortable sneakers.

Things for a child (depending on age)

Baby clothes, Shoes, Diapers, Baby food (required), Books, Coloring books, markers, Bottles, nipples

First aid kit

Mask, Band-Aid, Bandage, Remedy for diarrhea, Medicines (if necessary)

Painkillers, Allergy remedy, Antiseptics, Cold remedies, Sun cream, Digestive products (dishes are very fatty)


Phone, Charger for each gadget, PowerBank, Laptop / Tablet, Wristwatch, Batteries / Batteries, Camera, Headphones


You can get more detailed information by phone:

Book seats by numbers:

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