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Useful information


Customs declaration
At the international airports of Uzbekistan have a "green corridors". If you arrive in Uzbekistan without prescription drugs (narcotic, psychotropic, and others; the list of drugs can be found here), you do not need to fill out a Declaration, and you can pass through customs control along the green corridor.
Travelers who import prescription medicines to Uzbekistan must pass through the "red corridor" and fill out a customs Declaration in two copies, indicating all medicines. One copy of the Declaration remains with the customs service, the second copy with the seal of the customs officer you must keep until the end of your trip to Uzbekistan.

1. Starting from January 1, 2018, international airports of the Republic of Uzbekistan have introduced a dual corridor system: "green" and "red", for individuals to pass customs control.

Any person can pass through the "green" corridor without filling out a customs Declaration if:

- imported cash foreign currency does not exceed the equivalent of 2000 (two thousand) us dollars;

- the cost and (or) quantity of imported goods do not exceed the norms that are not subject to customs payments established by law;

- there are no goods whose import or export is prohibited or restricted in accordance with legislation.

The choice of a "green" corridor means a statement to the customs authority that an individual does not have goods or foreign currency in cash that are subject to written Declaration.

If goods or foreign currency in cash are found to be subject to written Declaration, such a person will be held liable in accordance with the procedure established by law.

When choosing the " red " corridor, an individual must fill out a customs Declaration, indicate the presence of goods, foreign currency in cash and other items subject to written Declaration, and present it to a customs officer.

Reporting false information in the Declaration entails liability in accordance with current legislation.

If there are doubts about the correct choice, it is better to follow the " red " corridor or contact a customs officer.

More detailed information about customs legislation is located in front of the entrance of the "green" and " red " corridor.

The procedure for customs Declaration of goods in electronic form was approved by Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 605 of July 31, 2018.



Every foreigner who arrives in Uzbekistan must be registered within 72 hours of entering the country. If you are staying at a hotel, check-in is automatic when you check in (although some low-cost hotels may not offer this service). Your hotel will provide you with a registration form that you need to keep in your passport for the entire period of your trip, which you will need to show to representatives of official authorities if necessary. We do not recommend that you stay in a private house, because in this case you will not be able to get the necessary registration at the local OVIR (visa and registration Department) and therefore you may have problems when leaving the country. When leaving Uzbekistan, your passport and visa validity will be checked at passport control. Sometimes an immigration officer may also ask you to show registration forms from your hotel or local OVIR. Therefore, make sure that the registration form from the hotel is always at hand (preferably attach it to your passport) before passing through passport control at the airport.

Cash and traveller's cheques
In banks and exchange offices in hotels, you can exchange us dollars, euros, British pounds and Japanese yen for Uzbek soums. Exchange offices and banks do not accept banknotes if they are old, worn, torn, crumpled, or if they have something written on them by hand. Such banknotes are accepted only in one branch of the National Bank of Uzbekistan in Tashkent for 10% of the amount. It is problematic to change your money back to dollars at reasonable exchange rates, so it is recommended that you spend all the money you have before leaving the country. When traveling to Uzbekistan, it is not recommended to use American Express traveler's checks, as they carry significant fees and cannot be exchanged on favorable terms.

Credit cards and ATMs
In Uzbekistan, credit cards are not common outside of upscale restaurants and hotels in Tashkent. In stores, restaurants and local transport, it is better to pay in cash Uzbek soums. Some first-class hotels in Tashkent, Samarkand and Bukhara accept Visa cards. The Master Card is accepted less often. ATMs are becoming more and more common in Uzbekistan. International hotels in Tashkent usually have separate ATMs for Mastercard and Visa cards that issue US dollars, but it is not very convenient to use them. Several banks in Tashkent and across the country have ATMs that also accept Visa or Mastercard cards, but a more reliable way to get dollars is to go to a local Bank and get a cash advance on your credit card. A number of banks in Uzbekistan accept Visa cards (KDB Bank Uzbekistan, national Bank of Uzbekistan), while only Asaka Bank can advance cash on Mastercard. Banks charge from 2 to 4% of the amount for this service.

Bank opening hours: from 09: 00 to 16: 00 (except Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays), lunch break: from 13: 00 to 14: 00
Exchange offices are open from 08: 00 to 18: 00 and around the clock in large hotels.

Internet access in Uzbekistan
Internet access in Uzbekistan for tourists leaves much to be desired: slow speed relative to global trends, limited availability and small coverage area throughout the country, lack of ready-made solutions for foreigners, and other factors.

Most hotels in Uzbekistan offer free Internet via Wi-Fi, but good quality network access can only be obtained in 4-5 star hotels, and in some budget hotels, the stated Wi-Fi may not work at all, or give very poor quality, suitable only for messengers. Previously popular Internet cafes in Uzbekistan today almost do not work. Internet providers that provide ADSL (city telephone line) and FTTB (fiber-optic network) standards do not work with foreign citizens, and do not offer any short-term Internet packages for tourists.

Mobile Internet in Uzbekistan is the best option to communicate in messengers, go to social networks and various sites. Previously, many travelers could only access the Internet via Wi-Fi points in hotels, but in 2018, due to changes in the legislation of Uzbekistan, foreign citizens can easily connect to one of the mobile operators by choosing Internet rates or buying Internet packages with a certain size of mobile traffic.

The quality of cellular communication in major cities of Uzbekistan is good, and the speed of mobile Internet allows you to quickly open websites or watch videos online. Mobile operators ensure the quality of communication using 3G technology (more than 3 Mbit/s) and NSRA+ (up to 42 Mbit/s). In small towns and outside localities, the quality of mobile Internet is worse, and will only allow you to communicate in messengers or slowly open sites-EDGE technology is available (up to 384 Kbit / s). However, mobile operators regularly expand their coverage areas, as well as increase the volume and speed of Internet traffic. There are 5 mobile operators in Uzbekistan. Beeline, Ucell, Mobiuz (UMS), and Uzmobile operate in the GSM standard, while Perfectum Mobile and Uzmobile operate in the CDMA standard. At the same time, Beeline, Mobiuz and Ucell are the market leaders with the widest coverage of cellular stations.

How do I connect a local number? How do I purchase a SIM card?
To become a subscriber of any mobile company in Uzbekistan, a foreign citizen must submit two documents when signing a subscription agreement:

national or foreign passport;
a document confirming the right of temporary residence on the territory of Uzbekistan (temporary residence permit or registration in a hotel).
The minimum cost of connecting a number for all operators is about 1 us$ (payment is made in the national currency).




Important! Currently, at the tourist information Desk at the international airports of Tashkent and Bukhara, you can buy tourist SIM cards from some mobile operators in Uzbekistan. Offices are open during flights. To do this, you must present your passport with a stamp of arrival in Uzbekistan, and pay the required amount according to the selected tariff plan (from 3 to 7 us dollars, as of June 2019). there are also Mobiuz points of sale at the Central railway station in Tashkent, and at the International and saehat hotels. In all other cases, foreign citizens can sign a subscription agreement only at the Central and head offices of mobile operators in cities. The addresses and contacts of these offices can be found below.

How much does mobile Internet cost in Uzbekistan?
The cost of mobile Internet in Uzbekistan depends on the selected tariff. There are special rates that immediately include a certain amount of available Internet traffic. However, the majority of Uzbek residents prefer to buy separate Internet packages for a month, as it is possible to determine the necessary traffic volume profitably. On average, for all companies, an Internet package with 1000 MB of traffic costs 3.5-4 us dollars.