The dates of 2015 Chinese festivals 

Dates of border opening and closing

Festival Names Date/Month Dates of holiday
New Year

2015 January 1st  January 3rd 

Chinese Spring Festival

Feb18th Feb 24th

Qing Ming Festival

April 5to April 6th

National Labors day

May1st  May 3rd


Dragon Boat festival

Jun 20th Jun 22 3days
National Army’s day

August 1

Mid-Autumn festival  September27 3days
National Day

October 1st  Ocotber 7th

Muslim Eid (Eidal Feter after Ramazan ) July 18 to 20th 3days
Eid Kurban (KurbanBairam)

September24th to September 2 6h


The dates of 2015 Chinese festival which is related

Dates of border opening and closing

Above dates will works Torugart pass and Irkeshtam pass ( Weekend close)

Eid /Eidaal Fatter after 30 days Ramadan Jun18th   ,July18th  will be world Muslim Eid festival, Next Eid during Septemnber connecting Sep 24 until Sep 26 after connect Chinese Mid Autumn Festival (Please Pay attentions the end of September to until Ocotober 10th )

August 1st National Army’s days

Khunjirap pass (Pakistan border) it is Open May 1st to until December 31st.

Thoese daytes works same as China --Pakistan borders Khunjirap pass

Please keep attentions these dates arrangements of the groups enter/Exit .

Port Comissions will decide their exact dates after meeting Kirgystan..Border frontiers a week before the festivals ... Some dates are runs will diffrent local frontiers areas ,, when it is new updates and changes I,ll let the know early.