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 Cycle tourism - one of the most eco-friendly and useful types of tourism to health. The cycle tourism attracts not only with feeling of speed, freedom, but also interesting excursions and a possibility of good rest outdoors.Cycle tourism - this type of rest which is preferred by people courageous and active. The travel by bicycle is always adventures, it is an opportunity to see the cities and the countries from an unusual foreshortening, it and decent physical activity. But at the same time cycle tourists receive a huge charge of cheerfulness, new bright impressions of the seen landscapes, speeds, aromas of meadows and the woods. The cycle tourism can safely be carried to an ecological type of rest, the travel by bicycle doesn't harm the nature at all.

  In our opinion the cycle tourism is deprived of shortcomings, and here a lot of benefits. First, bicycle tourism allows to overcome very long distances for a campaign. Only in automotor-tourism of distance it is more, but in this case you are limited in the choice of the road to vehicle opportunities, deprived of contact with the nature. The bicycle allows to enjoy fast change of impressions and to see the huge area without preventing to feel at the same time each meter of the road, each whiff of a breeze.

  Secondly, as already it has been mentioned above, the high speed of a cycle tourism provides  change of impressions. On a cycling trip you can make the way one day through snow among high tops, then go through the dense wood through numerous fords. But it not so, nothing prevents to reach to interesting, not passed by bicycle, the site, and farther to make pedestrian walk for one two days. And at the same time by bicycle it is possible to reach such places where by car it is impossible to pass owing to the bad road, and on foot it is impossible to reach owing to their remoteness. Generally, for bicycle tourism there are no unattainable places. Thirdly, if other types of tourism are limited in the choice of the area (it is impossible to go to a mountain campaign on the plain, in a water hike it is impossible to go to the desert), then all areas are available to a cycle tourism. Besides, cycle tourism all-weather type of tourism. It is possible to go to cycle campaigns both in the winter and in the summer, and in the spring and in the fall.Fast dynamic campaigns with various obstacles, frequent change of impressions and the long covered distances are characteristic of bicycle tourism. Cycling trips can take place practically in any area and at all seasons of the year. The cycling trip allows to reach those places which are unattainable otherwise owing to the remoteness. Not without reason people with choleric character, as a rule, are engaged in bicycle tourism. The cycling trip has to be cheerful and active.

  Bicycle tourism has some features in comparison with other types of tourism. It is, first of all, big intensity of the movement and, as a result, the cycle tourist manages to see much more, than other. The cycle tourist for a travel uses more difficult technique - the bicycle, and the bicycle group and each her athlete separately, is a participant of traffic, and is obliged to submit to traffic regulations.


Our company "Asia Expeditions" guarantees you active and very interesting tour by bicycle in the tremendous Kyrgyz nature


Kyrgyzstan Race Trip


More than 600 km of adventure in one of the most beautiful mountain country in world. We ride in the most wild and inhospitable trails on the earth. Five increbidle stages where will power will let you cross this mountain bike challenge.  


Day 1. Bishkek city tour


Arrive in Bishkek. Rest in guesthouse. Fixing the bicycles. Lunch in national restaurant. After lunch guided city tour of Bishkek. It includes visiting  Victory Square, Oak Park, Central Ala-Too Square, the History Museum, National Philharmonic, and many others sightseeing’s.  But no city tour of capital is complete without visiting our famous Osh bazaar.


Day 2. Bishkek-Kyzyl korgon (330km-8hours)


In the morning transfer to Kyzyl korgon (mountain village). The long way is wating us. We cross small pass Kuvaky (2000m) then we drive to Kochkor where we have lunch in national family house. They have a small family museum. There we can see interesting things used by kyrgyz people during centuries. Continue our way, on the road we turn left in order to see the most misterious place in Kyrgyzstan-burning water and salty caves of Chon tuz. After we cross the Kyzart pass 2664m. We arrive in Kyzyl korgon around 4 p.m. We have to fix tents and start preparation for the dinner. Night in camp.


Day 3. Kyzyl Korgon-Song kul (1 etap)


The race begins at the semi-desert place of Kyzly Korgon mountain village, riding up to reach one of Kyrgyzstan’s pearls: Song Köl Lake. This mountain lake in the northern Naryn district lies at an altitude of 3,020 m. The depth is 16m. It is the second biggest mountain lake after Issyk Kul Lake, and the biggest freshwater lake in Kyrgyzstan. The meaning is ‘following lake’ The area is inhabited by nomads and accessible only from midle June to October.

Kyzyl Korgon-Song kul 125 km
Min altitude 1474 m
Max altitude 3026 m
Difference in altitudes 2253 m


Day 4  Song kul around (2 etap)


On the second day, we will ride around Song kul lake. Second etap includes fast and single tracks, grasslands – all of them in the mountain wilderness. During this day, we’ll ride and meet wild kyrgyz horses on our way and nomadic kyrgyz people living in yurts by the lake in the summer. This etap will present us with lots of beautiful and unforgettable scenes. Night in the yurt, traditional mountain house of nomads of Central Asia.

Around Song kul 91 km
Min alitude 3016 m
Max altitude 3095 m
Difference in altitudes +815 m

Day 5 Song kul-Emgek taala (3 etap)


Song kul-Emgek taala  131 km
Min altitude 3228 m
Max altitude 1685 m
Difference in altitudes +1245 m



Day 6 Emgek taala-Kichi Naryn (4 etap)


You will like this stage. The stage starts in Emgek tala mountain village and goes deep into the ravine. The steep canyons are washed by the big Naryn River. The scenary is breath-taking. No trip more will be the same after visiting this ravine. This stage is of average difficulty, during this day it is possible to enjoy both the biking itself and the beutiful scenery around you. Night on the banks of the Kichi Naryn river.

 Emgek taala-Kichi Naryn  102 km
Min alitude 1867 m
Max altitude 2555 m
Difference in altitudes +1297m    



Day 7 Kichi Naryn- Tosor (Etap 5)


This is our final etap, the longest, toughest and the most difficult track of this bike trip. Technical difficulty increases with riding up. The last part of the ride (almost 4,000m above sea level) is expected to be physically exacting and technically demanding. Some bikers might need to get off their bikes to push them up. The final stretch is a 30km descent, from 4,000m to 1,636m above sea level. Night in guesthouse.

 Kichi Naryn- Tosor 135 km
Min alitude 1610 m
Max altitude 3913 m
Difference in altitudes 996 m




Day 8 Issik kul-Bishkek (330km-6h)


In the morning transfer to Bishkek. Lunch on the way. Arrive in Bishkek. Free time in Bishkek.  In the evening last dinner. Night in hotel Kausar***.



Day 9 Bishkek-Europa


Price per person:

4 pax: 1500 USD

6 pax: 1150 USD

8 pax: 1000 USD

10+1 pax: 900 USD


Price includes :

Meeting at the airport

Transport (1 mini bus 4WD , 1 jeep)


Cook and Full board

2 Workers for showers and toilet


Bishkek-On arrival Guesthouse

Kyzyl Korgon-camp

Song kul-Yurts

Naryn river-camp

Kichi Naryn-camp

Issik kul-Tamga guesthouse

Admission to museums

mineral water

Beds in camps


Price does not include:

Travel insurance

Airtickets and taxes



Logistics and infrastructure.

During the race we have 5 camps.

We have big size tents where we put 4 beds in each tent with all necessary beddings.

We have one tent for toilet (European style), and one tent for shower. In Song Kul lake where the altitude is more than 3000 m we will have sauna for washing.

Every camp has a generator.

Cook team will supply a qualitative food for sportsmen’s.

Water is supplied in big 19 l large bottles.

Cars are coordinating with sportsmen’s by radio. Cars are equipped with special fastenings for bicycles.

We have 4 Pit stops every 30 km of the stage.

Medical service.

You have to have the insurance for minimum 20 000 USD.  We have a contract with the private medical service, if we have needed to use their service they can come in min. 5-6 hours. For the first medical service our experienced team will help you.

Vaccinations:  Vaccinations are required against tetanus.


Breakfast. Buffet style. We supply various kinds of foods for breakfast. Kyrgyz land is very rich with its fruits and vegetables, every day we will supply different kind of it.  Besides we give dry fruits, some sausages, Cola, eggs, bread, jam and etc.

4 refilling stations during each stage. Dry fruits, chocolate, seed bar, water, cola, sandwich 3 types.

Dinner. First meal – soup, second meal-meat with garnish, salad.

Mechanical service

We provide basic repair services: flat tires, cables, chain tools etc.
During the stage, bikers will have to fix their bikes themselves.
After the stage, sportsmen’s can take their bikes to the mechanic for repair.