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Visa to Tajikistan 2017

To get tourist visa for foreign citizen one should give in addition a document by legalization: petition of tourist organizations that has license on right of having tourist activity in Tajikistan Republic the right of issuing visa to foreigner citizen with purpose of entry route of movement and period of stay in Tajikistan republic pointed in visa.
Tourist visa in Tajikistan including group visa is marked as (T) which is given to foreigner citizen entering in Tajikistan Republic as tourist or to group of foreign citizens arriving in Tajikistan Republic on purpose of tourism organized tourist group (no less than 5 people, no more than 50 people).
One should remember that necessary condition of the group tourist visa is simultaneous arrival of all members of group to point of border cross by entry and departure in/from Tajikistan Republic, stay and travelling on territory of Tajikistan Republic only together with group.


Necessary document for visa issue Tajikistan


One should have following documents to legalize and issue visa in consular department of Ministry of foreign Affairs: real foreign passport (diplomatic, official, the all-civil, united nation passport, certificate of person without citizenship), or any document given by foreign citizen must not cause doubts in its authenticity and belonging to owner must not have marks, proviso, notes, erasures and corrections uncertified by competent power of appropriate foreign state, torn out or unpicked pages, passport should have no less 2 clean pages for visa, period of validity as rule should have no less 6 month activity since expire date of visa;
Filled application stuck photo (exception heads of foreign countries and heads of government). Visa application should be filled legibly by hand in block capitals or with the help of computer means in Tadjik, Russian, English or language of consular establishment of Tajikistan Republic, visa application may be filled by other person who knows declarant so, there should be note in visa application form with signature of person who filled application who knows declarant. If foreign citizen travels with children (under-age), so their application forms are filled and signed by their legal representatives.
One should have receipt about payment of state duty of consular collection (for sending in of application and for legalization);
It should be copy of initial (previous) visa of Tajikistan Republic. Initial visa is reason for issuing new visa.
Period of validity of tourist visa.
Tourist visa is given to foreign citizen on period no more 45 days.
Transit visa.
It should be notes that there is no need to have visa for foreign citizen who flies above air space of Tajikistan Republic without changing airplane.
To foreign citizen who makes transit trip across airports of Tajikistan republic in third countries, there is no need to have visa only if foreign citizen is not going to cross state border across state border checkpoint. in case of force majeure circumstances (earthquake, landslides, flood and other circumstances cased impossibility of airplanes flight more than 24 hours, foreign citizens who goes transit in third countries may be evacuated in hotels without visas till situation standardization.
To foreign citizen who goes via territory of Tajikistan Republic in state of destination by car, one should get transit visa on period of transit trip on short route. Pointed period is measured by twenty-four hour mileages which is 400 km.
By legalization of transit visa one should make sure that declarant has visa of the country where he moves across the territory of Tajikistan Republic if there is need to have visa in third country. Transit visa is given to foreigner citizen of third country if he has legal reason to stay in country where there is consular establishment of Tajikistan Republic.
Repeated transit visa can be legalized to foreign citizen repeated transit visa is given if declarant has corresponding frequency rate of country where he moves across Tajikistan republic or if there is no need to have visa in third country.
Frequency rate of visa
Authorized organs of government may issue:
Single visas (a right on entry and departure/departure and entry in Tajikistan Republic one tome in period pointed visa period);
Twofold visas (a right on twofold entry and departure/ departure and entry in Tajikistan Republic in period pointed in visa);
Repeated visas (a right on repeated (more than 2 times) entry and departure/departure and entry in Tajikistan Republic in period pointed in visa).
Periods of petitioning examination.
Examination of letters-petitions as well as legalization of visa is accomplished by authorized organs of government during 20 working days since date of demand from foreign citizen. In separate case the period of examination petition on legalization visa can be prolonged in case if documents need to be examined detailed but no more than 10 working days. The data of receipt visa is considered the day of handing in all documents legalized properly.
It should be pointed that if decision about visa issue of foreign country will take long period of time for citizens of Tajikistan Republic so the period of petition examination of the foreign country can be changed by Ministry of Foreign Affairs on basis of international principle reciprocity.
Easy way of visa issue.
The government of Tajikistan Republic “Easy way of visa legalization for a row of foreign countries “(from 03.04.06) affords an opportunity for citizens of 68 countries who can get visa immediately arrived in airports and Tajikistan’s border checkpoints or in diplomatic representations during three working days (to do this an invitation side should send an invitation letter beforehand).
A list of foreign countries citizens of which have right on receiving diplomatic, official, business and tourist visas in simplified way on period 45 days by entry on the territory of Tajikistan Republic (in airport of Dushanbe city).
• Australia, Austria, Algeria, Egypt, Argentina, Bulgaria, Luxembourg, Hungary, Vietnam, Brunei-Darussalam, Israel, Greece, China, India, Ireland, Iran, Pakistan, Iceland, Italy, Canada, Qatar, Cyprus, Bahrain,
• Belgium, Jordan, Denmark, Spain, Morocco, The Netherlands, Norway, Saudi Arabia,
• Sweden, Kuwait, Latvia, Libya, Lithuania, Lebanon, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, New Zealand, united Arab Emirates, Oman,
• Poland, Portugal, Korea, Indonesia, Croatia, Romania, Singapore, Syria, Slovakia, Slovenia, The Great Britain, The United States of America, Thailand, turkey, Tunisia, Brazil, Germany, Philippines, Finland, France, Czech Republic,
• Switzerland, Estonia, Republic of South Africa, Japan.
Price of visa service from Asia Expeditions


The price for group tourist visa is


• 2 weeks-50 USD per person
1 month-70 USD per person
Visa support to Tajikistan-60 USD per person

Price for transit visa issue Tajikistan


• 24 hours-10$, 48 hours-15$, 72 hours-20$.
*You will get it in the Tajik embassy.

• group should consist of no less 5 people;
• Consular contribution is taken from each member of group for group visa and its extension;
• if group consists of more than 5 people, price of consular contribution for group visa on period since 14 days to 1 month reduces on 25%, if more than 10 people on 50%.
The price of legalization and issuing a single tourist visa is 60$.
For legalization of additional frequency rate of entry-departure and departure/entry in visa, the rate of consular fees increases on 10$.


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